15 September 2014

Two weeks to go! Eeeek!

Traveling with Liam isn't the easiest thing to do, let alone flying in an itty bitty plane. It's actually quite a feat to be sure. I have to call ahead to the airline and make sure they are aware that I will need extra time in order to board and help with his wheelchair/car seat/bags/etc. This is to our advantage as it means we actually get to board before everyone else. It's actually a huge relief to not have everyone's prying eyes watching you try to wrangle an almost 7 year old into a car seat when his body is fighting you every step of the way and in such a tiny spot as an airplane seat. I've received many fat lips and bruised eye sockets from his flailing fists and the less people watching that happen, the better my psyche will be. And since we exit last, no one is around except for the flight attendants and they are usually very helpful to me, asking me what they need to do to accommodate Liam and expedite our departure.

Liam is fed homemade food, not the commercially prepared cans of  formula that he used to get so this time our travel has a different set of requirements regarding transport. Since he's g-tube fed and entirely dependent on what I make for him, I will be making all of the food in advance, freezing it, and packing it in gel pack freezer packets for the duration of the trip. When I called ahead, I asked the airline if it will be a problem bringing his food on board and she said no, they can't keep me from bringing his medically necessary items.  She says that, but you watch, they are going to be eyeing me suspiciously when I try to get through security with four 32 oz containers full of liquidy goodness. Oh, you don't want to go through x-ray with the wheelchair? We get an automatic bomb residue check. Hooray.
Liam lost another tooth yesterday! That makes for 3 empty spaces in there!
We only have $782.40 to go! Liam has the best friends, truly. Thank you for all your prayers, questions about how this all works and our expectations from it, and for your continued belief that God is still in the miracle making business. This trip wouldn't be possible with out all of you.

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