03 September 2014

We've almost done it.

I could use your help! I am beyond amazed in telling you that Liam's next stem cell trip is now 92% funded! I am blown away again by the beautiful generosity of God's people and have watched in awe as you love on us and Liam and give out of the overflow of your hearts.

Because we are so close, we have stepped out in hope and faith that the last amount needed, $1,082.40, will be supplied in God's perfect timing.

So, we have gone ahead and set the date and bought the tickets!!

Liam will be getting an infusion of his own stem cells on October 2nd!! 😱

 Please pray for the remaining money to be provided. We are so close!

Also pray for good weather (no hurricanes!), and for a safe procedure with miraculous results. I am never in doubt that we serve a big God and he is fully capable of answering big prayers. I am always amazed at how he works things out and trust that this will all go according to His plans. So please join me in praying for big, crazy, bold changes for Liam.

I never imagined God would provide most of the money for this trip with out us having to fund raise or even announce to everyone that we were even thinking of going again someday. And yet He boldly showed up and did just that.

I never thought Liam would go again, which just goes to show that God works in amazing ways. I assumed the last time was the only one Liam would get so this trip in and of itself is truly miraculous too!

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