03 March 2017


For a kiddo who only sees his pediatrician at his well checkup, seeing her 3 times in February was unprecedented. When Liam's fourth time running a fever hit I took him in right away. I was scared with his immune system still recovering from all the antibiotics he was on, he was potentially now getting sick with the flu.

Nope. No flu. Thank God! But no answers either. I did ask her to do a blood panel so we could check for any hidden sinister signs of trouble. It looked great! Whew!

I asked about all the 2 am questions that came to my panicked mind when I was trying to comfort Liam. Do you think it's his metal plates on his femurs causing rejection? UTI? Kidney infection? Recurring fever syndrome? Something more sinister? She doesn't believe any of those are reasons for his fevers and actually felt it was due to his constipation. Which he's had since his first round of antibiotics. Which is contrary to what a typical person gets while on antibiotics. Leave it to Liam for his body to respond opposite of what normally happens.

She said you see it a lot in the elderly but that brain injured kids can suffer from it too. That was news to me. We have suffered from some pretty difficult bouts of constipation and never experienced fevers before. But if that's what is causing it, I'll take it. It's an easy enough fix. 

We have had a variety of problems this month messing with his health and if we can get him working right again and there are no more fevers we are good to go. If we still have fevers and no constipation, then we will start digging deeper to the problem. But it's one of those issues where the Dr doesn't really know where to start so you just pick somewhere and go with it.

We helped him out yesterday and I am pushing lots of water. And Liam still woke up screaming at 2:30, completely inconsolable.

I'm telling you, the worst mom feeling ever is not knowing what is going on with your child. Throw in special needs and being non verbal and you feel utterly useless. Sitting by watching your kid scream in pain and frustration with no ability to alleviate their problem is the most humbling of experiences.

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