24 June 2008

June 24, 2008

Liam laughed last night. It was the most adorable thing ever!! It was purely by accident but then he did it again and again. He was fussy last night and nothing would get him to stop crying...even his bath which he normally loves didn't seem to soothe him like usual (I think the rain forest tub is uncomfortable but that is another post). So after his bath he is still fussing and I had him laying on the couch. He started to cry and I took his arms and started to do the little games we play when the cry turned into a laugh. Then I did it again and he continued to laugh. He did it again and again and by the time Ian got the camera to record it he had stopped. But it was so darn cute! Rylie got him to chuckle just a tad today too. So it wasn't a fluke!

Liam had his OT today. He needs more work on his head control so we are consistently trying to get him to work his heavy head into an upright position. He doesn't mind his tummy too much but he won't attempt to lift his head anymore when on it. Once he realized his fingers were in perfect alignment with his mouth when on his tummy he knew there were much better things to do than waste energy lifting his head! He's smart, I tell ya! It's funny because he is finally starting to pick up the traits that newborns or 1-2 month babies have. He will suck on my shoulder, grab my shirt when eating and he startles really easily on his changing table.

Rylie was at MFuge all this past week for a Christian/missions oriented camp experience. It is in Greenville, SC. She loved it. She was with a group teaching VBS to kids in the community and would call home with excitement each day that a child was saved. She has such a sweet heart...always has....and it was wonderful to see the Lord working in her life each day. Now the kids are at our church for VBS this week but since Rylie is too old for it she helps out. There is over 400 kids!

And I actually got out to a class get together this past weekend! I know- they couldn't believe it either. I hadn't seen some of the guys in almost 7 months and Phillip didn't even realize who I was for ten minutes! We were at the river for a boating day and the big kids got to go tubing. Liam was very well behaved. I did head home to feed him though and came back when he was done. Honestly, it's just much easier that way.


Anonymous said...

I love baby laughs, I can't listen to one laugh without laughing too. I'm glad it wasn't a fluke. He is so precious.

I was so glad Rylie went to camp and that I got to go as well. Some of those kids blew me away. It was an honor to get to know Rylie a little better. We love your whole family!

You are still in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture that you put up!