06 September 2008


YEA- Liam had his first VT appnt last week- As I said before, I was very excited to have Marsha here and help teach me about what to do for Liam. It was an awesome appnt. She brought out some shiny toys and he looked right at them!! He still isn't processing right but we are still praying that it will develop over time. He can see but his brain doesn't know how to interpret what it is seeing and we have to teach him how to do it. I am so thankful for Marsha and the help she will be able to provide.

We will also be visiting with Miss Kathy (PT) twice a week from now on. Dr B. (Liam's NICU Dr) wants the best for her babies and because Liam is one of her babies she wants the best for him that he can possible have. She's the one who I talked to for an hour and half on the phone! Anyway- She told me to get Liam into therapy at least twice a week. When I mentioned it to Kathy she didn't think CDSA would pay for the 2nd visit. So I called CDSA and left a message saying I wanted more therapy and how can I get it. My coordinator called back and said it was done! ;-) I wish everything could go so smoothly! So Liam starts PT twice a week and gets VT once a week. I am now going to push for OT at least every other week. I only see our occupational therapist once a month. Dr B thot that was ridiculous. So I talked to the coordinator about that as well and I am hoping that will get taken care of quickly.

I am going to check out a new pediatrician this week. I hope he is a good fit for me. I asked Kathy for a recomendation because altho I love our ped. I don't think she is very on top of things. Actually- I know she isn't. Liam had his 4 month check up (we are very behind as he is 6 months corrected) and I had to remind her that Liam needed a full newborn screening panel done. Because Liams last blood transfusion was a couple of weeks before we were discharged, he had to have the newborn blood tests redone. It takes 4 months for the body to regenerate all of its own blood. So- now that LIam has his own blood coursing through his veins he has to get the screenings done again that test for those rare diseases. She didn't even remember and when I reminded her she had to go check his chart to find out why he needed it! And she was the one who originally told me he needed it. I wouldn't have had any idea!!

She also didn't do a very good exam. She checked his hips and his soft spot. That was it! She didn't ask me anything about his development. What if I wasn't on top of things? She should be checking up on me and Liam to see if he is getting what he needs. Liam only weighed 12 lbs even. I was hoping and thinking it would be more closer to 13 lbs. Liam is in the 5th percentile for weight and height. So, according to his previous weight check he isn't gaining very well right now. She said we could up his calories to 30 per ounce. But- she didn't need to see him back for a weight check. WHAT??

On a good note- Liam seems to be outgrowing his reflux!!! AWESOME! It isn't fun to watch him puke so much and it is just as aweful to clean it up. Not a piece of furniture or carpet downstairs has been spared... LOL. I just realized last week that it had been several days since he had thrown up. So we have only had 2 vomits in 2 weeks! :-) He is eating better too. I'm not getting any more volume in him but the amount he is getting is now higher calories and it is staying down. Liam is almost 6 months corrected so I am wondering when it will be ok to try spoon feeding him. I don't think he is ready yet- but thats something the OT is supposed to help me with. We;ll see.

We have a busy week this week. Now that school is back in session (Rylie and Ian take classes onine) we have field trips, co-op, piano lessons, therapies, Dr visits etc... All in this week!!


Anonymous said...

How cool! It sounds like life is getting back to normal. All the busyness of regular life. I'm so happy for you. I should print out this blog entry and show it to Kevin White. He'd have a cow! Just kidding I won't do it. You know how Dr.'s are they have so many patients and don't always pay attention. Luckily, you know your Liam's only advocate and you have to speak for him. So glad to hear things are going well. We miss you a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! You mentioned spoon feeding... Ask your PT/OT about this to be sure, but I think once he can sit supported and has a bit of trunk control, it is okay to start.