12 October 2008

10/12/08 again-

Liam is doing pretty well. He has progressed in the last week to go so far as to lift his head all by himself while on his tummy in order to look up at his book. He lifts it higher, steadier and stronger than ever before. What is really exciting is his interest in his book because that means he is grasping the vision concept. He is realizing he can see and he loves to have me read his book to him. It's adorable to see him smile and squeal at his book. He also knows his vision card on the fridge and grins at it too. He still needs a lot more work on his head control but it is important that he has gotten such good strength lately on his tummy. He still is very uncoordinated with his hands. That seems like it is going to be an issue.

Liam is supposed to go back to the NICU for a follow up clinic at 6, 12 and 18 months for evaluations. The Dr's like to follow these little guys and see how they are doing and try to catch anything that me or my therapists here might miss. I don't want to go because I know Liam is behind and I know they aren't going to tell me anything at this eval that I don't already know. But, our fave NICU Dr wants to see him and really wants us to go so I am going... We are scheduled to go on the 27th of this month. I got my papers to fill out this week about Liam's current health and condition of development. It was quite depressing to fill it out. I couldn't mark off a yes for a single thing in the category of gross motor and fine motor. Granted they were asking questions that involved vision (does your baby look at itself in the mirror or lift his feet to look at them) but still- it wasn't fun doing the paperwork. I just have to remind myself that Liam will grow and develop and become exactly who he is supposed to be in God's perfect timing. We can't push him (not too hard at least) and he will get there when he gets there. This evaluation also involves another hearing test. One that is supposed to take over a half an hour! Liam has wonderful hearing. They had never seen a baby pass an infant hearing test so quickly when we were in the convalescent nursery. I suppose he could have some loss at different decibles, but I think it's highly unlikely. He alerts very well to sounds and with his lack of whole vision he gets "scared" when he hears sounds coming towards him and he isn't looking in that direction.

Liam is now 14 lbs. Woo Hoo! Even though I can't get more than 17/18 ounces in in a single day, because we have it mixed to such a high calorie of 30kcal per ounce he is gaining well. His growth curve looks really good! So- as long as his curve keeps growing I don't have anything to worry about with his lower volumes. Liam's refluxing is occuring again but it doesn't seem to bother him and with me feeding him small amounts frequently it keeps him from vomiting.

Aidan accidentally jumped feet first onto my back this week while I was on the floor playing with Liam. I think labor pains were easier than what that felt like! I have been using TENS, heating pads and medicinal pads to try and make it feel better. I am praying it was just a muscle that got hurt and nothing more serious. It's difficult for me to pick up Liam and to play with him in certain postions on the floor right now.

And finally- we got approval for Liam to get occupational therapy once a week. I am really excited about this because it means Liam has progressed enough to need it and it means we can work on getting him ready for solid foods. I really feel he is orally defensive. Not a whole lot of defensiveness but enough that it keeps him sticking his toungue out to check out what is coming next before it hits his mouth. I have tried using a spoon with nothing on it and putting it in his mouth to see how he does and he doesn't gag. But adding food and getting him to work it around in his mouth to swallow is a whole different story. Ideally, his vision therapist would like him to play with it first, get it on his fingers and get his fingers into his mouth- but with Liams uncoordination with his hands I can't see that happening anytime soon. And I hear the OT is kinda tough (not in a bad way) so I think it will be a great fit for us. We will now be up to 4 therapy sessions a week. How I wish we didn't need them- but how grateful I am that we get them!

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