12 October 2008


You'd really quit reading about Liam's journey because of a difference of view? Wow.

It's funny how someone can enjoy reading my blog but the moment something is written that they don't agree with, they decide it isn't worthy of their time. I'm genuinely curious-Do you only engage in relationships with people who are exactly like you? It's an honest question.

How unfortunate that a persons political view would cause you to disregard their life, their struggles and their value as a human being simply because you disagree with a veiwpoint. How dreadful it would be if everyone quit reading preemie blogs because they disagreed with one posting. How much value and insight will you lose from being so close minded?

And what is truly disappointing is your lack of tolerance.


Mimi said...

You are my daughter! :)
And your opinions and beliefs are just as important as any one else.

Anonymous said...

I love you Jen and your opinion. I find you very insightful. Don't take any of that nonsense personal. If someone is going to be that way than you don't need them. Love you and miss you.

mrsallisondavis said...

haha. Just like a liberal, tell you you're wrong and then close their ears and refuse to let you respond!

Unknown said...

Wow! As an "educated woman" one would think she would verify her information instead of believing everything that the media is telling her. So sad. And I agree with you, it's ok to disagree, but to blatently tell someone that they are not allowed to express a different view from theirs is not only rude but ignorant. I guess that is why she chooses to remain anonymous.