07 March 2009

It's getting more difficult to shop these days with Liam. When he was smaller it was great to put him in my Baby Bjorn and carry him in the front. He could work on his head control and I had two arms free to shop. Now that he's bigger, my back doesn't like the load he puts on it and quite frankly I keep forgetting to get it out when I am headed into the store. Normally I just carry him in front of me so he can look around but then my back gets sore and I try putting him on my hip. He doesn't do too bad for a kid with no head control and low trunk tone. He likes to suck on my shoulder and he does a decent job of sitting on my hip. Invariably I will get asked Liam's age or someone will comment on how tired he must be (because his head is down) and I just dance around the questions. The other day this nice little lady came up and started talking to Liam while I was holding him as he faced out from me. She bent down to get in his line of sight and was saying things to him. Liam, not once, looked at her or quit sucking on his hand the entire time. She then said to me that he must be really focused because he didn't pay her any attention. I just nodded and let her walk away. I didn't feel like telling her he couldn't see her.

I had a quick trip into Target and wanted to put Liam in his stroller. He only tolerates the car seat for so long and gets disgruntled if we are shopping and he is stuck in it. So I went to get his stroller from the back of the suburban and lo and behold, it wasn't there. UGH. My back is already sore from my trip into Target two days ago and I wasn't happy to see my stroller missing. I laid Liam in the bottom of the cart for a while and he was happy to stare at the red squares of the cart. But then I hit on this great idea:

I put a bean bag chair in the cart and Liam loved it. He got to sit up high and see around. As we shopped through the store people kept commenting on how cute he looked. Too bad it took up the whole cart and didn't leave any room for stuff!


Anonymous said...

He wasn't interested in her because it wasn't his Mimi who he can see! :)

*super dude and super dog* said...

That is too cute! I get frustrated with people sometimes, too. We took Carter to the pediatrician's office and this older lady in there couldn't keep her eyes off of his NG tube, like he was some monster. UGH!
Off to email you :)

Stephanie said...

Going places seems to be getting harder for us too. Kennedy has graduated from her infant car seat to a big girl Britax convertible carseat. The only problem with that is that it is not as portable.

Your son is adorable. I have a daughter with cerebellar hypoplasia too! She is younger then your son and finding your blog has been provided me with a sense of hope for her. The doctors still don't have a diagnosis for her all they can tell us is that her cerebllum never developed fully. When I read your blog it mirrors my daughter Kennedy to the tie.

I hope you have a great weekend.

~ Stephanie ~

23 weekers said...

Too funny! We have to do what it takes to get our shopping done! Loved the idea and Liam looks like he doesn't have any complaints.

Michelle Riggs said...

Loved the bean bag idea. Great pictures.

Praying for you and your son.