05 March 2009

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This isn't something I do every week since I don't like to complain. But here is my hi/lo Thursday post:

This was the two year anniversary of Kyle Ann's birth and death. I was doing awesome with that until I posted my little memorial for her on the blog. It made me sad and I hate feeling sad. I won't watch sad movies or listen to sad songs. Even commercials can tear me up. I chalk most of that up to hormones that have increasingly taken over my body in the recent years. I am not the girl I once was!

Liam is moving on to 2nd foods and doing pretty well. He is now eating chicken and turkey and he is keeping his food down! The thanks going to Erythromycin! He used to throw up while I fed him (I would catch it and re-feed him. It's gross I know but with the calorie booster in it I hated to see it go to waste and it isn't like it was digested food. It was still fresh! lol) and first thing in the morning but that has all subsided and he is feeling great!

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