15 March 2009

Liam had a follow up on Thursday with his ped to see how he responded to his Erythromycin and see if his weight gain was up. Remember at his last appnt we decided to use this med because Liam lost 5 ounces over the previous 4 week time frame and due to Liams thick stool and vomiting we had hopes the the Erythromycin would give him semi-soft stools. Well, this Thursday Liam had gained 1 POUND in the last 3 weeks!!! Incredible!! I always said that if he could keep down what went in we would be doing fabulous! I was so happy. So that is the great news... the bad news is that Liam started up with vomiting again. It isn't like it was before the Erythromycin but he is still doing it some. Usually every morning at breakfast. I don't get that...why then when his tummy is empty? But still, all in all, the meds have helped him tremendously and we have now been able to up every daytime bottle to 3 ounces. Yea! And his night time bottle is almost at 4 ounces. There was no way on earth we could do that before the Erythromycin so it has really helped him a lot!

Liam is able to eat 2nd food now but since they up the amount in the jar by an ounce it is more food than he can eat. So I either save it back and try to remember to feed it to him or it goes to waste. But at least he doesn't mind the texture. So we have made progress in the feeding area. We still work on getting Liam to take all of his bottles face up and in the regular baby position for feeding. It's harder for him because his suck is very weak but he is doing pretty well.

We are still working on head control because Liam doesn't have any yet. I admit that I am very frustrated by this fact and try not to dwell on it but some days are better than others. We do a lot of tummy time and pray that he gets better and better. He is now in his bed every night and doing really well sleeping there. The time change has messed him up though and he now sleeps in until after 7 which has me thrown off and out of whack!


Tiffany said...

I am happy to hear about his weight gain. I've been meaning to ask what you decided about ABM therapy?

Only the Sheppards said...

Congrats on the weight gain! That's awesome! And I get your concern over head control... Dax has good head control, but there are other areas I worry about and obsess over, like his eye contact and speech... We'll keep on praying for you guys, and thanks for keeping us posted!

*super dude and super dog* said...

Hey Jen,
Carter's worst time of the day is at breakfast. He ALWAYS throws up. His Doc at Duke said that it could be because he silently refluxes at night, it collects in his esophagus b/c he's lying down and when breakfast time comes, he becomes more active, thus causing the yuck to come up. Sounds good to me.