14 August 2009

18 months.

Liam had a check up today.

18 months.


If he had been born on time, he would be 17 months old.

Liam is actually almost 21 months old.

But who's counting?

What does it matter?

Does it matter when I fill out the autism questionnaire and I can't answer a single question with a yes because he isn't even developmentally along far enough to give descriptors to autism?

Does it matter that for the first time ever he has made it on the growth chart albeit still under the 5th percentile?

Does it matter that he has finally hit the 20 lb mark and he's going on two?

No. It really doesn't matter. He's still my Liam. And he is amazing.


Jennifer said...
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23 weekers said...

Look at those cute teeth! He's so adorable!

Rebecca said...

Yes, Liam is precious no matter what questionnaire or otherwise has to say. And his giggle is contagious. : ) Love you!

Michele said...

Isnt it weird how we can celebrate our micros birthdays...and then months later...say...oh..this is when they were supposed to be born. Its such a long time those months inbetween their births and actual due dates! Kenny is still at 20 lbs, so all is good! LOL!!! They are perfect and amazing! Love the pictures!