30 November 2010

If a dog can have stem cells...

Hundreds of animals including dogs and even horses have been treated with stem cells here in America. They have been doing it at this practice alone since 2005! This makes me so angry because animals are getting treatment here and our children can't. Parents are having to take their kids out of the country in order to get them help, hence the high price and the need for donations, fundraisers and spaghetti dinners.

We shouldn't have to go to another country to do this.

It will be another 10 years or more before we see stem cells being used here in this country. Why on earth will politicians, who've never had to deal with the issues us parents face, not allow stem cells from the patients OWN body to be used? When you hear stem cell research, anymore people automatically think of embryonic stem cells and the issue is shut down. When I talk about stem cells I am not talking about the killing of babies to gain embryonic cells. That is an entirely different issue. I do not support fetus cells being used. I support the research and the use of the patients cells, their own adult stem cells, to be used for healing.

If our beloved dogs can receive the healing benefits treatments with their own stem cells, then our children should be able to as well. 

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