15 November 2010

A recent convo...

Me: Liam, it's time for bed!

Liam: Smiles, gets excited.

Me: Do you want to fall asleep in momma's bed?

Liam: Smiles, gets very excited.

Me: Ok, here's momma's bed! Now, it's time to go nigh-night. Here's your blankie.

Liam: Smiles, gets excited and smiles some more.

I then tell him all about string theory and what the basic ideas behind it are.... He really liked the idea of a parallel universe.

Then I turn out the lights and Liam settles in under his blankie.  He waits for a few minutes and then starts to whine and cry.

15 minutes later, he's still crying.

30 minutes later, he's still crying and whining. This is highly unusual as Liam normally goes right to sleep (he doesn't nap during the day so he's normally exhausted at bedtime. Although we do have to make him go to bed, otherwise he will stay up until he's so tired he's whining!).

45 minutes in, I turn on the bathroom light for a night light thinking he might want a bit of light.

Liam is still fussing until I turn on the light and he instantly starts LAUGHING.

Me: Liam (trying to stifle my laugh)! It is not time to play. You have to go to bed. It's time to go nigh-night. No more theories about the universe!

I turn the light back off while he again resumes his 'crying'. He continues to cry for a few more minutes.

Me: Okay, Liam. If you are going to keep crying you will have to get in your bed because Momma and Daddy need to sleep.

I put him in his bed, which is beside ours, and he still fusses and whines. He eventually falls asleep although I have absolutely no idea how much longer he whined because I fell asleep way before he did. =)

   *Even though these conversations with Liam are one sided, Liam still 'communicates' to us in his own way. I hope that one day he will be able to communicate with words, maybe his adult stem cells will be the key. But for now, we continue to have one sided convo's.

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