16 November 2010

It's a simple procedure

Here is more information on what the procedure entails:

How is Autogolous Adult Adipose Stem Cell Treatment Administered?

It is a four hour outpatient procedure involving the following:

• Harvest: Using a proprietary but simple procedure similar to tumescent liposuction, 100cc of adipose tissue is harvested from the patient

• Breakdown: The adipose tissue is then broken down using a combination of Collagenase Type 1 Solution, and a proprietary Cell Preparation Medium.

• Separate: Using standard techniques, the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) which contains Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) is separated from the fat cells.

• Isolate: ASCs and other progenitor cells are then isolated from the SVF using standard techniques.

• Wash: The cells are then triple-washed with saline to remove any traces of the collagenase and cell preparation medium.

• Activate: The isolated ASCs are then suspended in the person's own platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) growth factors and activated with AdiStem's red/yellow/green laser. This 'awakens' or activates the dormant ASCs.

• Infuse: The cells are then administered back to the patient through one or more of the following modes of administration:
    Intravenous: The ASCs are administered through a standard intravenous drip

What happens to Stem Cells after implantation:

* Stem Cells are disperesed into the adjacent tissue and become smooth
* Stem Cells differentiatte into component cell types and integrate with the target tissue or organ
* Stem Cells begin to secrete several essential growth factors (see list below)
* Stem Cells start to attract the growth of blood vessels to facilitate tissue formation

And then healing begins!!

Now, stem cell treatment is not a guarantee of complete healing for Liam. No man can make that claim. But, we know that God uses man's intelligence in science to heal people all the time. For example, chemo doesn't work for every cancer patient. Sometimes it takes more than one round of chemo (it could take more than one round of stem cells). But you don't know if it will work at all unless you try.

God heals people all the time through modern science and medicine. The thing is, man would be using Liam's own divinely created cells to help him heal. How cool is that?

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