09 April 2011


Last night was rough and I have no idea why. I'm exhausted. Liam gets milk pumped into him while he sleeps because he can not tolerate the volume of food they want him to have during the day. He already vomits now every day again since we upped his amount back in December (after going for 6 months vomit free).  And sometimes he will throw up while he's asleep. He'll wake up and start to whine or cough which I know means somethings coming up.

But last night was different. He vomited within 1 hour of starting the pump, at 11:30. Usually if he does throw up he doesn't usually do it until around 3 am. I kept the pump going but within an hour he threw up again. I shut it off at that point to give him time to rest since something wasn't right. But then he threw up again at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30, all while no food was being given. He was mostly throwing up mucous and spit since there was no food left.

He finally felt asleep after the 3:30 spell and is still asleep now at 9 am. Which means we are off today on our feeding schedule already. So, yesterday and today he won't receive the amount he's supposed to have. In fact most days he doesn't anyway since he vomits everyday now. But we are really off now.

I'm just hoping whatever happened last night is not a precursor for the things to come. Vomiting everyday is not normal, but it's our normal, and I'm beginning to wonder if our normalcy is anomalous.

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