12 April 2011

Virus is a Latin word which means, "Your guess is as good as mine".

So Liam's vomiting spell turned into a nightmare that we are still trying to wake up from. He apparently caught some virus that just destroyed his tummy. It has been brutal. And I know first hand. Because I got it too.

Liam continued to have trouble keeping anything down on Saturday and kept up the same issues at night with his pump. I finally just didn't even mess with feeding him at night. He was throwing up too much and it was dangerous to keep trying to get food down that was obviously not going to stay.  And I knew he had something viral going on and when you are that sick you don't feel like eating anything anyway.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling fine but within an hour I wasn't feeling right. The rest of the day just went downhill and by that afternoon I couldn't even get vertical. Luckily all Liam wanted to do was sleep but I felt bad because I felt like Liam kept falling asleep because he was bored since I wasn't able to play with him and entertain him like usual. I even called my mom over to help me that evening to play with him and try to keep him up but even she couldn't do so. He was only awake for a couple of hours on Sunday. He literally slept all day long.

Sunday was really tough on me so I knew if I had just a smidgen of what Liam had he was in pain and food was the least of his concerns. I could not eat anything. I had no energy and it took everything in me to eat half a container of yogurt.

Monday morning, after another night of no food for Liam, I woke up at 6 am with back pain that wouldn't go away. I got up to take some pain pills, made it to my bathroom and then apparently passed out. I remember coming to with my face hurting and trying to figure out why I was bleeding when I realized my face was smooshed against the seat of the toilet with the iron free-standing toilet paper holder knocked over and pressed into my eye and forehead. I am dazed and trying to figure out what is going on when I realize I must have passed out. I rolled away and just laid on the cold bathroom floor trying to get some sense back into my head.  I had a nice gash and lump on my forehead and I busted my lip.

I can laugh about it now, but at the time it wasn't very funny. I guess I was just so weak from not having anything but gatorade and yogurt the day before that I got low blood sugar/blood pressure when I stood up.

Luckily I got slowly a bit better as the day wore on. It's Tuesday though and I am still feeling it and Liam is too. It takes no effort on his part to throw up right now. I took him in to the ped today just to check about dehydration and his weight loss and she said he looked good. And his weight was only off 1 ounce from the last visit. So, all the weight gain we'd made getting him to 28 lbs he is now back slightly under 27. But still, it clearly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! She said rotavirus is going around rampant right now along with several other things. Whatever it was, it's been brutal.

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