22 April 2011

Top news of the week

*My easy going, placid child, has been replaced by one that realizes the significance of whining. As in, 'If I whine long enough and loud enough someone will come."  Even when we are right there. What he wants I have no idea since he can't tell me. But he is now whining to get some sort of attention from us. That's a good thing, right? RIGHT?!

*We had a GI check up this week. Liam gained about 3 grams a day since our last appnt which is okay. We wanted 5 grams a day. But there's no telling how much he had really gained since he lost so much with that stomach virus. It was a good appointment in that the NP said she thought Liam was doing fine on the four cans a day (even though he vomits once a day still) and that since he is gaining and doing well there's no need to push it to five. Whew! And she echoed what I felt about the fundoplication (wrapping the stomach when you have severe reflux and/or aspiration issues) in that Liam should not have that done since he is so sensitive and throws up so easy. It was nice to hear that because I have wondered if we made a mistake in not getting it when we got the g-tube placed last year.

*We got to see Liam's vision teacher this past week (we only see her once a month) where he impressed her with his knowledge of the Interactive Alphabet on the iPad. She loved seeing him work it and follow my directions. Our vision teacher has been great because she's the one constant in Liam's life who has been with him from the beginning. She has seen Liam take off intellectually and is constantly thinking of how to move Liam forward.

*We only need to raise $5500 more for Liam's treatment fund! We are still taking donations, selling tees, and praying that we will have the money by the end of June! Know anyone willing to help? Please send them our way! I can tell them how much it sucks to not have insurance cover the procedures, intensive therapies and alternative treatments needed to try to lesson your child's disabilities.
      And a big thank you again to everyone who has donated! I think I've personally thanked everyone but if I haven't, it isn't your fault. Some days I just don't have it all together!

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