07 June 2011

Fundraising 101

We are still trying to raise the money to get Liam treatment for his CP. I swear this will be a curable disease someday! Just google TBI and stem cells. It's a fascinating field and one with so much promise! But because stem cell trials have not been established, regulated, and approved yet here in the US, we must take Liam out of the country if we are to try and help him while he is young.

Please know that I am so very grateful for everyone who has donated and I'm not trying to guilt trip anyone into helping Liam out. From the $10 donations to the hundreds, I say over and over that we can't do this with out you. And you all have been amazing. We've almost raised $4000, HALF of what we need to go!!  I'm so impressed by your generosity and the tugging you've felt in your heart to give.  I'm just so blessed and frankly thought that we wouldn't get as far as we have. God's sure shown me what a cynic I am.

In case any of you are wondering how we are going to come up with the rest, well...we are still fundraising! We have already sold flower bulbs, had an amazing volleyball tourney, and have sold almost all of the first shipment of tees (we only have a couple of large and x-large left). We've also had an incredible friend, Gregasauraus, bake goodies to sell at his work that helped to bring in several hundred dollars! And we've had various straight up donations to the blog.

I've been brainstorming trying to think what to do next and have a few ideas:
  • You can donate any gift cards you have lying around (no matter the balance) and we can auction them off here on the blog.
  • Find out if any business in your area would be willing to put a change jar up. Ask if you could take up a change collection at your church, sunday school class, small group, business, neighborhood, etc... Spare change goes a loooong way!
  • You can post Liam's blog link to your facebook page, your blog, your forehead, send it to all your famly, duct tape it on your car...anywhere it can get the word out. I've received donations from complete strangers; you have absolutely no idea when God will tug on someone's heart.  
  • Donate your leftover paypal balance.
  • Have a garage sale, lemonade stand, Avon party, Pampered Chef party, etc... with a percentage or set amount to go to Liam.
  • Keep an eye our for a great raffle/giveaway on the blog in the next few weeks!
These are just a few suggestions that I've pondered...
If you've already donated, please know we are thankful. I love all of you. And if you haven't donated, please think about how you might be able to help in any way.  And, if you don't, I still love ya all!

Just think how far we've come in the last 12 weeks: from zero to $4000!

We can do this! 

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