29 June 2011

XCell Center is currently shut down

Well, I guess this door is closed as an option. Even though it wasn't at the top of our list for taking Liam due to cost, it was still on the list.

Inquiry Form
Dear Sir or Madam,

as you may have noticed, Cologne-based XCell-Center GmbH with branches in Cologne and Duesseldorf filed for insolvency. As of 24.05.2011 I have been appointed as a preliminary insolvency administrator by the court having jurisdiction.

At the moment, business operations have been shut down, as the competent german advisory authority has denied further authorization for stem cell transplantation.
The insolvency proceedings will probably open in August 2011. Every creditor will get an invitation to lodge a claim and further information by our office.

I kindly ask for your understanding, that - due to the german insolvency law - it is not possible to lodge a claim before.

XCell-Center GmbH

Im Institut fur Regenerative Medizin
c/o Eduardus Krankenhaus
Manager XCell-Center
Hans Wolfgang Happe
Custodisstr. 3-17

D-50679 Koln

Mobile.: +49 177 4 11 02 54

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