14 July 2011

It's summer.

We've been having a laid back summer so far when it concerns therapy. We have only been to two private sessions since school got out and of course we don't get any from the school system during the summer break. It's nice to have the time off and we have been very busy but it's also really nice to have that consistent schedule like we used to.

We decided to head to the Highland Games outside Blowing Rock, NC this past weekend (both Shawn and I are Gaelic in ancestry). The area is gorgeous and the weather was wonderful with no humidity. And the elevation had us in the clouds at times giving us a nice Highland feel.  It's not too far from where I took Liam for his oxygen treatments and there's just something about being in the mountains that makes me feel at home there.

 We rented a cabin with friends and got to enjoy four days out in the middle of nowhere. We were literally in the boonies. The only way to get to the cabin was by a narrow gravel road than ran for a few miles back into and around the mountains.
Liberty Hill
Only 2 bedrooms but what a view!

Liam had a pretty good time. Other than vomiting repeatedly, he did great on the trip. His vomiting has flared up something awful and even though our friends have seen him throw up numerous times here at our house, it's never been like this before. I felt bad for them having to be there with all of that mess to deal with. It's a lot for me and he's my son, let alone our friends having to put up with it. Luckily they are awesome and just roll with it like we do. But I still feel bad and frustrated by the situation. By the end of the weekend he had thrown up more than he kept down during the day. And he wasn't sick.

The highlight for Liam was listening to the music at the games. They had a great Scottish band that played the bagpipes with lots of drums. That always got a big smile out of him when they played.

 We all had a really good time too. We got to try haggis (leaves an after taste), haggis flavored potato chips, chicken pasties, bread pudding, and watch caber tossing, stone throwing and bagpipe competitions. There were so many that you couldn't go anywhere in the park without hearing bagpipes playing somewhere. We even would hear them went we weren't at the Highland Games that's how prominent they were.

My two awesome girls.
A rare photo of the two of us!

This was our first Highland Games event. We've been to Scottish festivals before but this was something completely different. Lots to do and see... and men in kilts. Boys in kilts. Women in plaid. Babies in kilts. Everywhere you looked you saw plaid. It was a really neat experience to see all those plaids and know they each represented a family line that could be traced back hundreds of years. And to realize the importance of the Scots getting to wear them in freedom.

I hope we get to go again sometime.

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