19 July 2011


How do you get a kid with cerebral palsy to gain weight when he throws up every day?

There should be a punch line in there somewhere. 

When I asked for prayer a few posts back we got some doors closed to us immediately.
  • The XCell Center in Germany is currently closed. I don't know if it will reopen.
  • Bangkok charges $10,000 (that doesn't include the travel and hotel expenses). 
  • Beike in China is just out of the question with it's cost, they charge a minimum of $30,000. But  you have more than one treatment and acupuncture is included! =)
  • Medra uses fetal cells from the aborted babies brains. That just makes me sick to my stomach.
  • Monterrey, Mexico has travel warnings out because the violence, although I hear it is a nice modern city. 
  • The Dominican Republic says Liam is too skinny.  
  • Panama said no because he's a former micropreemie. (stupid logic)

So?  What to do?

Shawn really feels most comfortable with DR. I'm fine with that. I know a few of the people involved in getting the stem cells started there and I have talked to people who have gone. The Dr. who runs it is a missionary homeschooling his kids with one of them with special needs. He has made this a possibility for parents to help their kids without charging a fortune. It is completely safe.

I just don't want to wait on fattening up a kid that moves constantly all day long and has cerebral palsy. I'm getting impatient! Especially since we have now raised all of the $8000 that I was hoping to raise!  I promised not to say who, but some incredible, amazing, loving, god-fearing, inspiring people gave Liam a check for the remaining balance we needed to raise: $4000!

I am overwhelmed by the love shown to us and to Liam. How can we ever thank these people enough for what they have done?! Saying I'm blown away is not an over reaction in any way. I think about it daily and am just awestruck and so very grateful. And not just because of the money but because I'm just grateful to know them.

Now that we have the money (for Monterrey or DR), in order to get to DR we have to gain weight. They need to be able to pull 100 cc's of fat from his belly. Kids like Liam don't gain weight well. Then throw in the throwing up and you have yourself a maelstrom. Liam is a mess.

I do have a few more places that I am looking into but for now, I'm working on giving Liam nutrient thick, high density fats in order to get some extra weight on him. I'm mixing avocados with coconut oil, almond butter and formula. I don't even know the real fat content of this mixture. Just that it is high. And it's the good fats too. Hopefully we can get some fat in this kid. For now he just keeps getting longer and I just need him fat.

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