11 August 2011


I've had Liam on this high calorie diet for almost 2 months now. We need him with some chub in order for them to take his adipose tissue (the chubness) and extract his own stem cells from it. They will then infuse the cells back into his body (after they clean them, activate them, and insert them into a solution) through an IV.

I started him on coconut oil in the hopes that the good, high, naturally occurring saturated fat would increase his intake enough to finally put some weight on him. I knew he was getting heavier but I needed to know what weight he was at and try to figure out where I wanted him to get to. So, I ran him in for a weight check this week.

Drumroll please......

His weight in April:  26 lbs 13 oz. 

This week:  33 lbs 4 oz.

His pediatrician couldn't believe it. Her jaw was on the floor. This boy has been meandering along on his own growth chart, barely making it on and after all this time, only two months in to using coconut oil, and he's jumped up 6 lbs!

He's moved from the 5th percentile to the 60th! 

The pudge hanging over his jeans. ; )

How skinny he was when I started.   
It's crazy! And such a blessing! God has been so good that even though he's throwing up every day, he's been able to put on the weight that we desperately need!

No more ribs sticking out.



I'm hoping for a couple more months of weight gain to make sure he's good and chubby and then my prayer is, God willing, that they will say he's fat enough for a treatment!

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