01 March 2012


I'm still not feeling well. I started running a fever yesterday and you can't dive with a fever. They let me this morning because it was low, 99.3, but as the day wore on I just felt worse and worse. When I could finally get my hiney off the floor I drove myself to urgent care. It hit me that I probably had sinusitis and that's why I still couldn't kick this cold.

I got super light headed when I got there and I don't remember making it into the back room onto the table. I swear, my pass out threshold is so low! The next thing I know I'm flat on the table with cold compresses on my head and belly. And I couldn't feel my hands.

They think the Sudefed I've been taking might have caused my fast heart rate and with my low blood sugar I was ripe for losing it.

She said my lungs were clear and it was probably sinusitis. I left with a script for steroids and antibiotics.

Liam's been doing great. He loves the chamber for the most part and we are now diving at a deeper pressure. We've always dove to 1.5 ATA and at this facility they can take you deeper. We started diving to 2.0 early last week. They said 2.0 increases stem cell production by 8 1/2 times.  I've already noticed a huge difference in the tone in his legs. He has high tone in them and they are incredibly loose right now from these dives.

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