28 March 2012

This. never. happens. Ever.

Please ignore the stains, I had just started to feed him when he smacked the tube and spilled his milk on himself. Then went right back to putting his hands on his chest!

Unless we put Liam's hands in this position, he never, ever, ever puts them on his own across his chest. He just can't do it.

His CP has him keeping his arms up. All.the.flippin'.time. Even while he sleeps.

But look at that! They are casually relaxed across his chest! Shawn and I are in shock.

And yesterday while working in his stander, he kept his arms down on the tray for extended periods of time. That never, ever happens either! I was so excited I took pictures (I think my two day old aide thought I was losing it). We usually have to hold his arms down and he's fighting to put them back up in the air.

Look how relaxed those arms are! And why yes, that is a new aide. I believe she's #9.

Is this a 'symptom' of HBOT?

I will take it!

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