05 April 2012

A hundred.

Liam had speech therapy Thursday along with his itinerant preschool teacher. I usually leave the room when they are here so I'm not a distraction to them or Liam and I can always use the time to get something done.

When time was up and I went in there, his speech teacher told me that Liam had gotten 100% of the questions right!  I was so happy for him. I knew all along he was 'in' there, just getting him out is what's so hard!

She was so happy and impressed with him that she even called me the next day to tell me again how well he had done and how pleased she was with him. =D  Love that!

It's so hard for him to reach goals and to see him ever get 100% is something I didn't think would happen because his arm control is just so bad. He can try to hit the right button or picture but hits the wrong one instead.
     Imagine you want to pick up the red marker but when you finally get the coordination to get your arm over to the markers, your aim is off and you land on the blue one instead?  Yeah, that's how it is for Liam.

So proud of my boy!


Random fact:

       This is my 500th post! :-o

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