19 April 2012

News to Note.

I think I'm quirky. At least my family says it's so.

Liam's pretty quirky too.

Take for instance the fact that he absolutely can not stand to have a pillow he is laying on get on the top of his head.

Yeah.  I don't know how he does it but he can flip a pillow out from under his head and then it will be resting at the top of his head, or on the edge of his forehead and he will freak. Absolutely flips out. He can wear a hat. But woe to the person who lets a pillow approach his sweet little head.

He's also got one leg longer than the other. It's at least half an inch longer. Apparently we can fix this somewhat by having him stand in his stander for 3 hours a day, bearing weight on the shorter leg. I don't know how that's going to ever happen. It sounds brilliant in theory. We do get two hours in. Hopefully that can be enough for now.

And Liam now has scoliosis.

He's only four!


I noticed it recently and thought I was seeing a genuine S curve in his spine.

Hoping that wasn't what I was seeing.

I had his PT check it out and as I was afraid of...I was right. 

She said it looked like the pull was coming from his obliques which is good because it means he's stronger and using them on his left side. But that means that the spine is being pulled in one direction down low and to compensate the upper spine is pulled in the other.

I knew scoliosis was coming for him. I knew that was a fact for his future because of his severely low muscle tone in his trunk.

But I never thought he'd have it already at 4.

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