30 April 2012

T & A

Liam makes a weird noise half the time that sounds likes he is trying to inhale air through a straw. Except he uses his nose. It's pretty loud. So loud I won't take him to church on Wednesday nights anymore. He has been doing it since last November when he got his cold. I have assumed it was just a new trick he does. Like with his tongue. He used to stick his tongue out and bite it. Now he shoves it in his cheek. I figured he picked up this new breathing noise when he was sick and just stuck with it.

A few weeks ago my mom and Liam's OT both mentioned that Liam had big tonsils within a few days of each other. So I took him to Dr. Kid who said she was 95% sure they needed to be removed and sent me to ENT.

ENT said that the tonsils were large-ish. On a scale of 1-4 Liam is a 2.5. But he felt Liam's issues were from his adenoids.  He felt they must be pretty large and are interfering with Liam's breathing. He asked if he snored. Check. Did he wake up at night. Check. Well then adenoids need to go.  But not the tonsils.  I got the impression that he didn't want to do the tonsillectomy on Liam because he's 'special'. I felt like he didn't want to put Liam through it since he's disabled...like Liam couldn't handle it.

I went home happy that the tonsils didn't need to be removed and then after I got to talking to some of his therapists (who feel like the tonsils need to go) I called back with some questions. When I talked to the nurse she reiterated what I felt....that the Dr didn't want to put Liam through that surgery because of his special needs. And that he felt a lot of Liam's issues will be resolved with the removal of the adenoids.

We shall see.
 It will be pointless if he has to have surgery twice when it could have all been done at once.

The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. It's supposedly 30 minutes minus sedation and intubation.

I know we are lucky and this is minor but this will be Liam's fourth surgery. I wish there was no intubation. That word sends fear and pangs of anxiety through the heart of any micropreemie mom. But I'll be glad to get those suckers out of there.

I should ask if I can have them.

Put them in his baby book.

Just kidding.


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