26 February 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

After our crazy first day diving the week just had other odd things in store for me. It seemed like every time I turned around something was going wrong.
Liam gets to relax on pillows and watch videos the entire time.

On Tuesday the handle broke off the toilet in the apartment we are staying in. I had to take the tank off and manually flush it that way until a repair guy came two days later.

On Wednesday I definitely started to notice that I had some decibel loss in my hearing stemming from our very first dive and trauma from exposure to continued dives.

On Thursday the hot water tank leaked all over the kitchen floor in the apartment.

On Friday, Liam started coughing again (remember last Friday he was still doing breathing treatments for the nasty dry cough he had in order to get him healthy to dive in the first place). Two hours after Shawn and the kids arrive to visit, Shawn gets a call from work saying he needs to head to Arizona for a mishap investigation (luckily he was able to hold off on it so he could stay the entire weekend).

On Saturday the hot water tank leaked all over the kitchen floor while we were out and left a huge puddle of water again, but even worse than before.  Liam was now running a fever along with a dry cough and I now had a cough too. Rylie got a tick (we have no idea how) on her leg and it instantly turned red and the site just got bigger and redder within the next 24 hours. We're pretty sure she needs to be treated for Lyme Disease.

I just can't believe how our week went. At least we are a third of the way through with this round of HBOT. I'm just praying that Liam and I get well, stay well and there are no more surprises this week.

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