11 February 2012

A guessing game.

What happens when your kid is sick? You want to take care of them right? You want to make them feel better? Kiss their boo boos, tell them it's going to be ok? But I can't do that very well for Liam. Nothing feels worse as his mom than watching him cry, get angry, wipe out from exhaustion and then do it all over again and I have no idea why or how to help.

Being non verbal sucks. He can't tell me what he feels like, what hurts, if he's hungry... I just have to guess.

He's been running a fever since yesterday and it's been pretty steady and is preventing him from really sleeping. He can't get into a deep sleep. He spent all last night fussing and whimpering. He also has this dry cough...a very dry cough. I know how I feel when I have been sick with a cough like that so I assume his abs are sore and his throat is scratchy. But, I don't really know. I'm just guessing!

Oh- And did I mention he's throwing up all over the place?

I'm currently keeping him on a regular dose of Advil and keeping him hydrated with water.  The only silver lining is that he is so dry in his mouth that he is actually enjoying drinking water again.

He has gone all winter with no illnesses. He's been doing great and luckily he has a great immune system so we don't worry too much about germs or therapists coming in and out of the house.

Thursday I took him to Dr. Kid to get our prescription for HBOT (we leave Sunday) and they gave him the rest of his vaccines that were due (did you know they moved the 5 year shots to 4 years??) and within 24 hours he was running this fever.

It was odd too because his feet were freezing on Friday morning. You could feel them through his socks. We even had him in the bed covered in the comforter and they were still cold. We just couldn't get his feet warm.  I knew it was bizarre but I didn't think too much of it. Liam was in a decent mood and him having frozen feet didn't alert my radar that he was coming down with something even though it was really weird.

That afternoon big brother said, "Mom, I think Liam has a fever."  Sure enough, it was almost 101 degrees.

So, I'm upset because he's been so healthy, bothered that he picked something up from the ped's office, or that he's had a fullblown reaction to a vaccine (not likely but still, the way he got sick was bizarre).

I do try to be thankful in all things and appreciate the fact that he is getting sick this weekend versus next when we will be traveling for HBOT.

But I just pray this doesn't last long, because he's miserable and that makes me miserable. And I can't get anything done.

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