27 June 2012

Summer work and play

It takes me several days to get over jet lag when coming home. Going ahead in time doesn't bother me but coming back gets me every time.  It took me about 5 days to get used to being on NC time again. Spain was 6 hours ahead so I would be exhausted by 8 pm but up by 5 am.

I'm so thankful for an amazing trip, wonderful friends, and so many new experiences.

Hiked to the top of Rock of Gibraltar in the UK.

Hung out with wild monkeys.

Watched the sun set (at close to 10 pm) on the oldest continuously inhabited city in south western Europe.          
Visited the ancient Roman city and coliseum of Italica.

Toured the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, Cathedral of St. Mary in Seville.

It's even more gorgeous at night.

Sergio, Shawn, me and Bruno in the Royal Palace. Sergio and Shawn went to college together and he now lives in Seville. He tirelessly took us around Seville as our personal tour guide. Bruno works with Shawn at the base.

Saw the largest wooden structure in the world.

Shopped on the famous canopied streets where Burgos are sold everywhere.
As awesome as it is to get away and do so many fun things, it's always amazing to come home to your children. Nothing compares. 

Ahhhh. So while I was away it became summer. It's hard to get used to the absence of people entering and exiting my home at all hours of the day.

No more:
  •  physical therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • speech therapist
  • preschool teacher
  • vision therapist.

It's just us. Some days it's really nice.

Occasionally our aid comes in to give me a few hours here and there.

But for the most part it's just us.

We can still utilize private therapy once a week at the clinic an hour away. But we have a month off right now for scheduling conflicts.

Liam doesn't qualify for therapy from the school during the summer. He didn't show any loss of skills over last summer break, which is the determination on whether he would have gotten any this year.

I am hoping to get a lot accomplished with him on my own.
  •  A larger vocabulary base using pictures and a felt board.
  • Better consistancy using his iPad for communication.
  • He already knows the colors of the rainbow but want to add additional colors
  • Counting
  • Opposites
Here's to hoping I can get my act together and get it done.  =)

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