22 November 2013

In Honor of Brady

To know that someone was blessed simply because my child existed is an emotion that I can't quite explain.

Kate is a mom who grieves over her lost son and the might have's and what could have been's. She sees in Liam what might have been if her son survived and she sees in Brady the loss she shares with her son Roscoe. We connected last year through my blog and this sweet woman gave a beautiful donation to Liam for his stem cell treatment in honor of Roscoe.

This year a friend of hers left random acts of kindness envelopes all over their town in honor of Roscoe and his birthday. Kate decided to spread the love further and on her birthday she put random acts of kindness envelopes, one for every year she's been alive, through out her town in honor of the lost babies she has come to know through the death of Roscoe.

She sent me this picture of an envelope left in Brady's name at a gas station.

The envelope says:
Random Act of Kindness
Have a gallon on me!

I am truly at a loss for what to say to such sweet, sweet generosity in the name of my son.  This person will never know who Brady is, how important he is to our family, and how much we miss him. But this person was blessed because Brady existed. To know that my son inspired such a generous idea is precious to me.

Thank you, Kate, for blessing me through your loss and blessing others through Brady.  You are an amazing woman and your heart and your love of Roscoe will continue to inspire and to bless others. Kate, you inspire me. My prayer is that my journey would do the same for others. <3 br="">
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