07 February 2019


Week Two
Day Four
What is the "good" Paul talks about in Romans 8:28 (we are on page 26 of Beautifully Broken)? The good, which Paul says serves a purpose even through suffering, is the conforming of our hearts & minds, our character, into the likeness of Christ Jesus. Verses 28 & 29 tell us that God works through our weaknesses, our struggles, our trials, to mold us & shape us into an Imager of Christ.
Suffering stinks. Life's detours take us off guard. We can doubt & struggle with God's goodness when these things happen. We might even think we're being forgotten or foresaken.  But God's goodness is not dependent on our doubt & confusion. He is good because He is God. And His divine detours are a call to action on our part.
Jesus said himself that God is always at work. God is great at taking a situation & flipping it upside down to give you a new perspective. Greater good comes out of our circumstances that don't seem to be good at first, if we allow it.