01 February 2019


Week One Day Five of Beautifully Broken.

What are the lies we've told ourselves & how can we bring them into clearer focus this week? Here's just a few:

God is unfair.

God doesn't really care.

Bad things happen for no reason.

Suffering is meaningless.

We are denied justice.

It's sinful to get angry with God.

God can, but I don't believe he will.

All of these complaints come directly from Job. Job never denies God's existence & sovereignty. Job just wants to understand & all of his questions are logical because Job can't see the whole picture. The same can be said for David. Psalm 13 has David questioning where God is, why God is absent from him, while he wrestles with his thoughts & sorrow.

We know that some circumstances will never make sense this side of Heaven. We won't get the answers we seek. But what if not getting an answer is what we need? What if the non-sense is a redirection? What if it's the way you needed all along to be able to look back & see God's guiding staff on the path?

Job railed at God wanting an explanation. How could such horrible things happen to a godly man? How could God let it all happen? Those were Job's heartfelt, anguished pleas. Job was angry. And God answered Job with His own bevy of questions. And Job receives what he didn't even know he needed, a renewed focus toward the glory of one day being with Yahweh himself.

When we face uncertainty, confusion, & pain, our anger should drive us to seek God's counsel in order to know Him better. God already knows our feelings anyway.