02 February 2019

It is.

👊🏼You made it to the weekend & the end of Week One!👊🏼

If you are still hanging with me in Beautifully Broken, we are wrapping up a week full of expressed emotions. Pain, suffering, despair, anxiety, depression, hopelessness. Job exemplified them all. Like Job, we want to make sense of senselessness. God created us with wisdom & intelligence. We want to understand why things are. Yet Job's suffering is a poignant reminder that we will face trials & never know the reasons or the why's. Job never gets the answers he seeks & because of that, he gets the answer he needs.

Do we need to know the why's in order to have confidence that God is trustworthy? After reading through Job that answer should be confidently clear. We can question & we can get angry. But God is still God & we are not. 🖤

✴️167 attempts to get a decent picture in our matchy PJ's this year & this is the best one we got. Liam laughed & I laughed & we think matchy PJ's are still fun, just maybe not picture worthy.😂