13 February 2008

Feb 13, 2007

I have been in Liams room since his surgery and just now headed out of the hospital finally... Liams surgery took longer than the Dr had hoped. He said Liam still had fetal eyes. It was hard for him to do the surgery because Liams eyes had not progressed beyond his 23 week gestation. Even tho it was complicated he said he was pleased with how it went. Which is great. We won't know until later how Liams sight will be affected (near sighted, loss of peripheral vision) but he will have sight!

Liams eyes are extremely swollen. Picture a bullfrog with his eyes bulging out- that is how he looks. They extubated Liam this afternoon due to agitation and bradycardia (slowed heart rate) but he continued to brady and then would de-sat. Long story short (and its long!)-Liam just tuckered out and quit breathing completely. They decided he needed to be reintubated at 5:00 tonight. He is restng comfortably now and is getting another blood transfusion for anemia. The surgery took a big toll on him and his body. He is on morphine for pain and he will get eye drops for infection prevention and to keep his eyes dilated. For proper healing Liam has to have his eyes continually dilated for 10 days.

We are praising God for the successful surgery and we are praying for complete and quick healing to his body! We pray that his swelling would go down, for extubation soon and for proper healing of his eyes!


Anonymous said...

We will continue in prayer!! We love you guys!
Freddie and Rebecca

Wether News said...

Praise the Lord for sight. I will keep praying. Praying for no set backs, continued growth, health, and strength, as well as comfort, peace, and happiness for all of you. We will keep our faith!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the good report!
We are continuing to pray for Liam's healing and strength -- and that God will continually comfort, strengthen and wrap you up in His love.
Ginny and all the Cashions