14 February 2008

Feb 14, 2008

Thank you to whomever surprised my family by bringing dinner last night...
And thanks to you all for posting and reading...
And Thanks go to the Lord for His Mercies!

Liam had a rough day. His eyelids are still very swollen but are starting to go down. He is still bradying and desating but they seem to be coming less than before. His blood gases have been beautiful so we know his problems are coming from the surgery and not his lungs. He pants and bears down, tightening up his muscles showing he is in pain. They can not give him too much narcotic because it will make him sleepy and they want him off the vent asap. If he is sleepy and in pain he won't take the energy needed to breath. He isn't getting food so he is back on iv nutrition.

Please pray that Liam would rest and improve greatly overnight and he would get extubated soon! Please pray that he would get his feedings back so his tummy wouldn't be empty! And pray for complete and perfect healing for his eyes.


Anonymous said...

Our God is the Great Physician. His healing hand is on Liam. We will continue to pray for no further set backs and that your baby boy will come home real soon.
Jen, don't forget to take time for yourself.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Jen, we will keep praying for little Liam. Reading today makes me want to cry for you, but I know God will take care of him, and you. He's made so much progress, and he will get there again!
We love you! Suzanne