14 July 2008

July 14, 2008

Where does the time go? I haven't posted in a week! Liam had his neurology appointment last week. The technical stuff is as follows: Liam's cerebellum is extremely small, his corpus collosum has a thin layer of myelin (should be thick) and he does have mild PVL. She said the PVL is insignificant- so that was great news. The myelin can thicken up as he gets older and gets more developed. The only real issue was the cerebellum. She said he will walk and run (altho he may run funny) but that she expected him to do good. She said he wouldn't be an Olympic athlete and that mad Rylie mad! As Rylie so elloquently put it- "She has no idea!" And they don't know. The Dr. said it is all up to Liam as to what he will do.

The PT came last week for her two week visit and decided she wants to up Liam to once a week. I don't think she likes the fact that Liam isn't really getting his head up in any position. He just drops his head like a lead balloon. I have talked to other micro preemie moms and they have said that it can take a while for him especially if he can't see well. We got to Duke on Monday- and I can't wait to hear what she has to say. I am DREADING the drive. Liam is so much older than when we went the last time.

Liam is still refluxing. It would be wierd to have a day where he doesn't vomit...


Anonymous said...

Rylie is absolutely right. They have no idea what he's going to be capable of. They can only make educated guesses.
Anyway, we love you guys and know that everything will be exactly how God wants it. No matter what, God has a plan for Liam. And he'll use his life for his glory no matter the problems he may face. I know you know all this. I just thought I'd remind you.

brianslady said...

You know michael had really bad gagging reflex (still does) I remember feeding him and going over to the sink with my back against it to burp him so he could throw up in the sink. When I finally got him to the Avent bottles it helped a little because he didn't belch so hard which seemed to be part of the problem. It is weird reading all of this ( I just read a bunch of recent posts about all the therapy etc) because it reminds me of Michael on about a 2% percent level. It just reaffirms that he was probably much earlier than we thought. Liam is soooo Beautiful!! He has a life ahead of him with a loving family supporting him- he will amaze us all I'm sure!!!