22 July 2008

July 22, 2008

After a follow up with the vision DR at Duke we got some good news. Liam's eyes are not keeping him from seeing. They are in great shape. At this point, Liam's lack of vision is neurological. SIGH... So what does that mean? I DON"T KNOW!!! She asked if he is delayed developmentally (well, yea, he only weighed 1 lb at birth) and she said he might need some more maturity. He can see his black and white image cards (I knew he could- at least I'm not going crazy yet) and he does see light and dark and shadows. So- because he progressed to the black and white images in the last 2 months since she saw him, we are praying he will progress even more in the next two months to where he can actually focus on me or any object. It will help him out so much with his physically development if he could see. He doesn't care about toys yet, his hands, etc... which he should be in love with by now. So- we are praying for MAJOR MATURITY in his neuro processing and development.

And I didn't get lost yesterday going to and from Duke! YEA!

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Valeria said...

Hi dear,
we seem to have the same problem about vision... Aurora retina is good (she have two laser surgery), but lucky...no retinal detachment(sorry for my very bad english).
Now she is 4months and 20days adjusted, she was born on 19th nov 07,24w+4 survided twin.
She like Liam started look at black and white pattern, right now, about two weeks she start to look at me, but only from 20-30cm, not more...
I'd like share info with you about our and your doctor suggestions for improve neuro-vision development.
Thank you