18 July 2008

July 18, 2008

So, I have my friend, Ashley, who is a speech therapist come do a visit with me and Liam to look at his poor suck, his sloooow
eating and just general issues with his mouth and oral aversion kind of
things. And guess what my little micro-hero did? For only the second
time ever, he finished the entire bottle in 15 minutes!!!!!! The only
other time he did that he threw it up! Wouldn't ya know- Murphy's law
for Liam Murphy.... A therapist comes to watch his poor eating and he performs pretty great! So Ashley showed me some things to do to help Liam
get better at sucking and coordinating his eating. He seems to get hungry sometimes but doesn't seem to coordinate well. Walking really quickly seems to help him hang in there and eat.

And Ashley- ya know
how I said he only gags when I give him the bottle or when he doesn't
want it and sticks his tongue out? Well, when I woke Liam up this
morning he coughed and gagged over and over. Good thing his tummy was

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Anonymous said...

I know you've probably already tried this..but what about the 'old fashioned' playtex bottles with the little stubby nipple? Might help the gag reflex when you stick the nipple in his mouth. Might be worth a try?