07 July 2008

July 7, 2008

Liam is still vomiting even tho he is on the Zantac. I know it takes some time to get it in his system but he seems to be doing the same amount if not more of spewing precious calories. He did it twice today. His gag reflex is so strong that it makes him throw up. He coughed today, gagged and then threw up. Poor guy. That can't feel good. I had to give him a bath twice today! The second time I put him in the big tub with me and he had a ball! It was a riot. I laughed so hard I was crying! I would hold his head and let his little body float in the water and he would splash and kick his legs like crazy! Then he would giggle and squeal and start kicking harder. I don't remember the other kids getting a kick out of their baths so early on. He seems awefully young for that cuz Liam is just 3 1/2 months corrected. And Liam LOVES to swing on the big swing outside. If you get going high enough he squeals and kicks his legs. I think he loves the sensation of having his tummy "taken away". He is setting his entertainment bar high already!


Anonymous said...

the pic of Liam on the page is ADORABLE!!! We love it! Will be praying that he Zantac begins to work! Love you guys!!

Reb and Fred

Anonymous said...

I have been reading about your family's journey with Liam's prematurity. I had 25 wk twins in Dec. 2003 (Lucas Twin 1 1pd 14 ozs, and Austin twin 2 1 pd 12 ozs (Austin is visually impaired from Stage 3 PLUS ROP/ 1 surgery)...I can relate...I would like to send you hugs and strength!! ((hugs)) I hope the zantac helps too..My Lucas suffered from severe GERD. The zantac didn't help him at all, but Prevacid did wonders. I want to offer you so much advice and such, but I will continue to read about Liam's trials and triumphs...
Beth :)