19 August 2008

Aug 19

Still no word from VT. I'm bummed. I was hoping we would have started by this week. Liams NICU Dr. called today to check on him. We spent an hour and a half on the phone! How many Dr.'s do you know that would do that? She is a pretty special woman. Of course she asked all kinds of questions about Liam's development. Yes- he's behind.... But- we have faith that he will get there and that the Lord will give Liam everything he needs at the right times.

I would love for Liam to get his head up and keep it up. I am, unfortunately, getting tired of people thinking he is so small. He seems young because of his head control. And I now get irritated when people ask his age. I know- it's my own fault. They have no idea. I used to love telling people how old he was and seeing that look of surprise and then telling them how far he has come. Now I just want him to get his head up so I don't get the comments as much.

I have an endoscopy on Fri for my reflux. I don't mind the test. It's the results that make me nervous. My reflux is aweful and meds have not been able to get it under control in quite some time.... Praying for a good news.

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Anonymous said...

Stay positive! You have been so anxious for the visual therapy to start and it will. But never at the pace you want. I know it is hard to be patient when your child is involved.