13 August 2008

August 13

Well, I found out that if I tickle Liams face while he is on his tummy he will lift his head beautifully. I can't wait to show Kathy (his PT) tomorrow! She's going to love it. Liam is doing better with head control. He is still wobbly but he doesn't drop his head like a lead balloon anymore. We ARE making improvements. I should be hearing from the VT soon and then we can get started on doing some of the therapy needed for his vision. I took Liam in for a check up and he was exactly 12 lbs. I was hoping for closer to 13 lbs. We decided to up his calories with formula to 30 Kcal per ounce. I still pump (it's been almost 9 months) so he does get some breast milk still. It's just that Liam can not handle much volume at all. He will throw it up. We are still stuck at right under 17 ounces a day. He does eat a bit better now which is a relief to my aching back. I can sit with him sometimes now and I don't have to walk fast all the time. Smetimes he latches well and will drink quickly. Usually when a therapist is watching! Ha!

Liam likes to babble these days. He sounds like he is saying real words. It's so cute to hear him talking. At least his head growth was doing well at this check up. He is still underweight and short. But he is getting there. He is finally getting into 3-6 month clothes!

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