02 August 2008

August 2

I am SO excited that it is finally August. Why? I love the humidity. No really- because Liam will start getting vision therapy at the end of this month. I feel like we are on borrowed time with his vision and because the therapist is off for the summer we are denying Liam opportunities that he needs at such a crucial time. I have bought more black and white toys and books in order to work his processing. It's frustrating to me to know that he can see but that he can't. And that I could help him but don't exactly know how. Liam finally had an improvement from one PT appnt to the next so that was AWESOME news for me. He his finally starting to use some of his muscles properly and we need to keep him going in that direction. He has a hard time trying to get his head up and centered. I know how much happier I will be when he can do that so I know he should be happier too.

I love Liams PT. She is so good with him. And she knows her stuff. She pushed him hard this week tho. He was fine with it until she decided he couldn't straighten his legs when he was mad. Well- that pissed him off and he went over the edge. I think she will back off a bit this next time!

Well- I had every intention of getting the kids "caught" up during the summer but , heck, that just isn't going to happen. What is "caught up" anyway? Look up unschooling and read the definition. That has become us. Am I bothered by that? Sometimes- but only when I compare. When I remind myself that we don't want to be like the gov't run system I can be at peace. But when Rylie compares herself and her skills to her peers she feels like she is behind at some things. But she doesn't see how far ahead she is in others. Does it matter that she doesn't know square roots, pi or the definition of Isosceles? When she needs to know it she will learn and if she doesn't need to she won't. That scares some people. Why? Because some insitition decided that a child should know something at a certain age. How blissfully ignorant they are of a childs natural curiosity, intelligence and desire to learn- especially when it isn't shoved into a time frame.

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