23 August 2008

Aug 23

So I got good news from the endoscopy- no damage to my throat. It feels damaged- so I was surprised with that. He said there is no magic pill to take away my symptoms so I don't need to bop around changing Drs. Excuse me? Don't they make reflux meds so people will feel better??? Have someone sit on your chest and try to breath. I feel like that daily. I also hate burping all the time like I've just guzzled a soda. Or, how about getting clogged vocal chords every day that keep you clearing your throat all the time..... I sound frustrated, huh? ;-)

New video of Liam laughing. It's just so sweet to watch his face light up!

Irish eyes are smiling:

Smiles are contagious:


Kellars Mommy said...

I just joined a christianmicropreemies group and seen your post about Liams cerebellum damage, my Kellar had a cerebellum bleed as well. It's not very often you find other parents that have children w/this sort of damage, I think I have met maybe 4 others, I really feel there are more out there with this damage but test were not done and it is undetected. Your lil man is precious, and those blue eyes are gorgeous..

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I still read your blog and pray for you and your family. You guys have come such a long way and you are such a strong woman.

allison (eternalagape17 on TMMB)

Unknown said...

How cute, Liam is so adorable! Isn't it great to hear them laugh it makes all worries disappear.