07 October 2008


Liam got his first RSV shot of the season today. He didn't like it. He did awesome with his other vax but this one made him realllly cry. And with the RSV shot, we have to wait 15 minutes to see if he reacts before we can leave. Isn't that weird? They can inject him with 5 vax at once and we can leave right away but with this one we have to stay for a possible reaction. I just find that odd. He has to get this shot every month until RSV season is over which won't occur until April! It costs over $1000 per shot. And lucky for us our insurance will pick up the cost due to his micropreemie status.

Last night we had a ballgame for Ian. I hear Aidan yelling and when I get over to her she is arguing with a boy at the top of her lungs about whether or not he spit on her. Aidan yells, "You spit on me!" Boy yells, "No, I didn't! I was pretending and you spit on me!" Aidan yells, "Cuz you spit on me!". This goes back and forth until he looks at me and tells me the same thing- that Aidan spit on him aafter he was just pretending to spit on her. I calmed them down and then left. As I walked away I laughed thinking that my poor little Aidan is a really tough cookie who will defend herself at all costs. You can tell she has an older brother. Aidan is definitely the chief and not an indian...

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Anonymous said...

Too funny. I can just see her standing there yelling at that boy. Makes me really miss you guys.