10 October 2008

Warning- this is going to be political-

I decided a while back that I wanted to be an independent. I am definitely not a democrat (less gov't is for me) and though I side a lot with the republicans I don't necessarily agree with all of their leanings either. To be sure-the political realm has most Americans tired this year and some are downright angry. I am tired of too many things to list them all on here. But we have some problems in this election that I wanted to touch on. The democrats turn a blind eye to these issues because Obama is a democrat. And we all know the media is oozing left wing agenda out their noses. You can't get a fair and balanced report on the major news networks anymore.

The attacks on Palin are childish. Did you watch the debate she had with Biden? The man couldn't even tell you what the real job of the vice president is and he is running for that position! Palin got it right and Biden got it wrong. Had that been reversed the media would have jumped on it and ran with it. One, because she is a woman and two, because she is a republican. But did you see anything in the news about how Biden got his potential future job duties wrong? I didn't hear a thing.

If McCain had attended a church for 20 years that told him America deserved what it got on 9-11 and the numerous other outlandish vitriol out of Wrights mouth over all those years, would the media let it go? Would Obama's camp let that go? Of course not, because it is ridiculous to think that you could have a mentor with those opinions and values and not let it influence you. WHY would you want a mentor/pastor with those opinions if you didn't have some of your own leanings that way? McCain would never have heard the end of it.

If Cindy McCain had said that she was "PROUD OF AMERICA FOR THE FIRST TIME" do you think people would let that go? Come on Michelle Obama- your country paid for your husband to eat while he was growing up. Obama's momma couldn't afford to put food on the table. They received gov't assistance. Didn't it make her proud to know that her country helped her husband from becoming malnourished or even from starvation? What about how our country elected that man to a political office? Or how about how her countrymen and women has fought and died so we can all be free? But her only proud moment was when Obama was chosen for the democratic party to run for president? Give me a break!

What if McCain had a relationship with a known terrorist? Do you think the left wouldn't pounce on that and stick with it? Michelle Obama and William Ayers wives worked together! Obama and Ayers were on a committee together (a committee at one point existing of only 6 people). He knew that man in more than just a passing relationship yet the media isn't reporting the extent of it. They don't want to alert people to Obama's past dealings that are less than stellar.

And what about ACORN? Obama was their lawyer at one point in his career. This group admits it is left leaning although it is supposed to be non-partisan and it is registering fraudulent voters all over this country who will vote for Obama! They are paying people to register more than once!

What does all of this say about the character of Obama? At best it says he doesn't have the maturity it takes to know hatred and bigotry, political idealism, elitism and left wing nutjobs when he sees it. At worst it says he is not ready to lead our country in the directino we need to go. If you think this country is divided- wait until Obama is in office.


Anonymous said...

Oh How I miss you! This is totally a conversation we would have had in the nursery. I miss those conversations.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed to see your blog turn into a political discussion because of how divisive politics is (as you say). What do you mean by "[Biden] couldn't even tell you what the real job of the vice president is and he is running for that position! Palin got it right and Biden got it wrong"? Palin’s answer was unconstitutional, as the Constitution provides no "flexibility" for an "expanded" role of the vice presidency. Palin agrees with Cheney’s view of the vice presidency. How scary! Furthermore, I believe that a high level of scrutiny of Palin is expected and appropriate. She’s running for national office and we hardly know anything about her. Finally, I am terribly disappointed by the McCain campaign’s race-baiting in the last few days. His rallies look like lynch mobs, turning away many independents who don’t want to be associated with such hatred and anger. It’s sad and makes me worry about McCain and Palin’s character. What kind of a person fans the flames of racism? I have never liked Palin (charging women for their rape kits?!), but it’s McCain who has disappointed me more over the last few weeks. I thought he was better than this.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and have been following Liam's progress. However, I was disappointed to see that your focus has turned toward politics. As an Alaskan woman I in no way support John McCain's decision to choose Sarah Palin as his vice president; clearly a political move to sway woman voters. As an educated woman I find that decision insulting. Your blog has been a really positive place thus far. Your political rantings have definately changed the tone of this page for me. I will pray for your son's continued progress., but will no longer check this page.