19 November 2008

Somewhat back to his old self-

My smiley guy is back but he is still battling snot. And a new thing occured yesterday- he refused two of his bottles. I had to feed him the two bottles with a syringe. I'm not sure what OT is going to think about that since we don't want him being averse to his milk, but I was a desperate woman. He hasn't consumed anywhere close to his "normal" 17 ounces of food in weeks and he needs every drop I can get down him. His reflux really seems to be doing quite good at the moment and I am wondering if the adverse reaction of lowering his hunger has now affected him. It would be nice if Liam had come delivered with a manual. He is outside my expertise in mothering!


Anonymous said...

Jen, you are doing an awesome job with Liam and the rest of your family...even without the manual!! : ) Praying for feeding issues! love you,

Unknown said...

Hey Jennifer it's Grant. I got to see Shawn over the weekend and he told me about your blog. I can't believe how old the kids are. They are all very cute. I told Shawn I would continue to lift Liam up in prayer and I definitely will. It was good to see Shawn I wish I could have seen all of you as well, but I understand you were traveling too with Liam. I will continue to check back and get updates on his progress. If I am ever your way I will be sure to come see you all. I will go for now and take care.