09 November 2008

What to do?

My fellow micro preemie moms will know what Anat Baniel Method is, but for all my other faithful followers I will give a (very) brief explanation. It's a form of therapy. Was that short enough!? ;-)

Seriously- it is a method of therapy that has shown wonderful results on children with brain injuries. The method was talked about on my micro support group and I decided it would be worth checking into. I was hoping for someone in Raleigh but no such luck for me. The closest ones who practice this method of therapy are 5 hours away. There is one here in the beautiful mountains of NC but he is not as experienced with children. The DC area offers several and one who works with a lot of children. She actually was familiar with Liams rare brain injury and was/is the therapist for the VA march of Dimes spokesperson who has the same injury Liam has! And this little girl is doing wonderful!

Here's the catch...
I am not positive and need to check into it more fully but I am pretty sure insurance will pay ZERO. We have BCBS and although they are wonderful with PPO's they are not so good with things of this nature. ALL of Liam's therapy is denied coverage by BCBS because it is done in the home by non-PPO's. They DO pay if it is done in an "office" but I would be crossing state lines to go to her office and I don't think it is going to fly. If anyone knows anything about getting insurance to pay for neuro muscular re-education please let me know!!

The therapist charges $125 a session. Which really isn't terrible except that the therapy works better when you have short burst of a lot. So Liam would need 2 sessions a days for a minimum of 3-4 days. That adds up quick! Let alone that I have to drive to VA, stay in a hotel and pay for gas.

I've been praying about it and I feel like I should take Liam at least once just to see what happens. It's a LOT of money for an experiement (will he respond to treatment?) but I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't find out for sure. I told my girlfriend I should have the kids do a fund raiser and sell plants or something. LOL One trip for therapy will cost around $1000. We just don't have that sitting around here these days. Maybe I could sell a kidney?

Liam spent the weekend throwing up half of what went in. I don't know how he can give such big smiles after puking all over the place. They make cleaning up the vomit a bit easier anyway.

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