16 February 2009

I keep thinking of these lovely posts that will be so uplifting or thought provoking and I get humbled into reality by the sound of retching in the other room. I don't have any uplifting response lately to vomit. I hate it. I hate working so darn hard to get food in and it comes out in seconds. It's disgusting and if I never cleaned vomit again it would be too soon. But my plans have been way laid by this adorable little guy who likes to vomit and then grin from ear to ear. I don't even know how I would know he was sick with something serious because he throws up regularly every day! He's thrown up 3 times today! I have tried to slowly stretch his stomach by adding a few more ML to his bottle but he just won't keep it down. Can you imagine how much he would weigh if he kept all of his food inside??? I keep thinking he's on the road to bulimia/anorexia and he's wearing out his esophagus. He's going to eventually hate food cuz he gets to taste it twice.

And then I see this sweet little face, sucking on his thumb, and I can do another day like this all over again.


Unknown said...

He is our cutie....and loved so much no matter how much he vomits. :)
Liam just wants you to wash his clothes more often lol

Only the Sheppards said...

He's so cute! We went through a reflux stage recently when he puked up everything, all the time. Luckily we're doing better now... Just the occassional puke. Much more fun that way!

Good luck!