10 February 2009

My week didn't go as planned but really, what else in my life has really gone as planned? And I don't say that with any sarcasm at all (wink).

After planning another trip to VA to do 9 therapy sessions with our ABM therapist, we left after only one. Why is that? Because Liam has only been "sick" 3 times since we left the NICU almost 1 year ago and all three times have been when we are in VA!

I'll explain...Liam was having a great time on his car ride, cooing and giggling. We stopped at a freezing KFC near the NC/VA border where it took 30 minutes from the time I got in my line until my food arrived. The KFC was so cold that the dude cleaning the place was wearing a coat! But Liam was a trooper. I brought his high chair in (he can't sit up so a regular one doesn't work) and I strapped him in for dinner. He ate his freezing cold peas (our food was cold before we could finish it, it was really that cold in there) and we packed him up for the last leg of the trip.

After arriving at our hotel, Liam woke up and played for a bit before falling back asleep at around midnight. By 5 AM Liam was running a 101 fever. I couldn't believe it! Less than 6 hours in our hotel and he was sick! Come on, Lord! I am trying to give Liam opportunities to help his gross motor development and everytime I try Liam has to get sick?

I went ahead and took Liam to the 9 o'clock session and warned Carla that Liam was sick again. Liam seemed to do well with it even tho he was fighting off something and I anticipated coming back for our afternoon session. Liam had other things in mind and decided that he would up the ante and get his fever higher than he ever has before (103) and since he couldn't relax and fall asleep he was wearing himself out. I cancelled the afternoon session and decided to wait it out and see how Liam did through the night.

Liam didn't get any better and continued to suffer from a high fever even while on tylenol. After staying awake with Liam off and on through the night I decided that I wasn't going to waste the money on therapy when Liam clearly didn't feel up to it. And I wanted to be closer to my Dr because he'd never had a fever that high. It's hard to take care of a sick baby when you're not in your own home.

So, after waking my mom and my girls and repacking the suburban, we got on the road by 7 Am and headed back home to NC. All that day, I kept Liam off Tylenol and he was running about 99. By that evening, while we were comfy in our own home, Liam got better and better and woke up the next day as his normal happy self.

What do you all think? I stay in the same hotel each time I've gone and Liam was not sick on any of the three previous trips before we arrived. Yet shortly after arriving he is running a fever. Is it the hotel air? Liam not traveling well? Or a sign from God? What am I missing? This is so strange!


BusyLizzyMom said...

It never fails before we have a therapy block Elizabeth gets sick. I lie awake in bed thinking through the logistics of a sick kid during therapy and have lost many hours of sleep to this. As she is older I give her Vit. C to keep her healthy, I try to only do it before something important.
You can take it as any sign you want, I usually say it is just bad timing.

Chase said...

Jennifer, I haven't gone over your posts with my fine toothed comb yet, but have to say. Holy cow...we must be related. Not only do we have babies with similar issues, I have a 6 week old son in Heaven AND I homeschool my older son.

I don't know how you found us either, but I'm glad you did!


Only the Sheppards said...

Okay, so I found you off Chase's page (hi Heather) and want to say hi. My son is a former 23.5 weeker (now 10 months/6 mo corrected) with a twin sister in heaven and we, too, have cerebellar hypoplasia and are also missing the pons and septum pellucidem. I look forward to following your blog and keeping up with Mr. Liam and his escapades!